The Tadla-Azilal region is in the middle of the road network which connects the main urban centres of the country. Part of the region is mountainous, with lush forests. The rest is dominated by the fertile Tadla Plain. The region is largely agricultural. It also used to be a major centre of trade, producing and exporting crops and metals in great numbers. It has an ideal Mediterranean climate with a rainy season lasting from November to March and a dry season from April to October. More than half of the region’s population consists of vigorous young rural folk. Its capital is Béni-Mellal.


Béni-Mellal is the capital of Tadla-Azilal region and its centre of commerce. Among its many agricultural products are olives, oranges, and figs. For the most part, Béni-Mellal is modern and has good road connections to Fès, Marrakech and Casablanca. Its most attractive site is the 17th century kasbah Bel-Kush, which is right by the entrance to the city.


Azilal is a province rich in natural attractions. The most visited are the Ouzod waterfalls in Tanaghmeilt, which are justly famous for their beauty. However, most visitors just view this place as a stopover on the way to the High Atlas Mountains. It is the regional transport hub, but rides are not too frequent here. Still, it is easy to travel to Marrakech from here.

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