The Subcarpathian region is a popular area for outdoor sports and recreation, with almost half of its land area being protected nature reserves. Their rolling hills, towering mountains, dense forests and river valleys attract local and international visitors. There are well-marked trails for biking, hiking and horse-riding, while sailing and canoeing are popular activities here in the summer. In winter, people come here for the cross-country skiing.


The city of Rzeszów has its own international airport. Many multinational companies, foreign embassies and consulates and academic institutions are based here. Because of its many universities, this 800-year-old city remains very much a city for young people.

Rzeszów is also the home for traditional crafts, including pottery, brewing, shoe making, and cloth making. In the 1960s, the long process of saving the city’s Old Town and its market square area was begun. By the year 2001, the city was able to re-introduce some portions of its underground storage cellars from the days when it was a vital trade centre. These are now primarily a tourist attraction.