South Nicosia is the Greek side of Cyprus??? capital. It is lovely and cosmopolitan, with a historic quarter, churches and mosques, parks and museums. The Archbishop's Palace contains a Byzantine museum housing the largest collection of religious icons on the island. Local arts are displayed in the Folk Art Museum, the Cyprus Ethnological Museum, and the Handicrafts Centre. This side of Nicosia is less traditional than the northern one. The streets are lined with enough old, usually rundown houses to make it a bit eerie at night. Fortunately, the lively nightlife keeps the atmosphere bearable after dark. Restaurants, bars and trendy clubs attract a young crowd. The shopping is good here, too, particularly on upscale Makarios Avenue. Perhaps the worst thing that can be said about the city is that it can get incredibly hot, more so than anywhere else in the island. As a consequence, it does not attract as many tourists as other parts of Cyprus. South Nicosia and North Nicosia are separated by a border with two main border crossings. People may rent a car and cross from South into North, but only personally allowed cars may cross from North to South. However, there are car rental agencies near the border.

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