The district of South Abaco (a prime area) is known for its sugar-white sandy beaches and stunning crystal blue seas. The main attraction in the region is the forest preserve of Abaco National Park.

At present, South Abaco encompasses a large expanse of undeveloped land. The fishing village of Sandy Point is the only major settlement, though it only has a population of about 500 people. Eco-friendly plans for the region’s development are underway.

Casuarina Point

The tiny fishing village of Casuarina Point is only 13 miles south of Marsh Harbour. The waters here are calm because they are walled in by a barrier reef. The green bone flats in the region are excellent for bonefishing and kayaking.

Accommodations are provided by Lucayan Bonefish Villas. Casuarina Point also offers reasonably priced new real estate and home re-sales.