Properties in Somogy HungaryBordering Croatia, the Somogy area is a wine region, with landscapes in Dunantul providing stretches of beautiful scenery along the southern shores of Lake Balaton. The capital is Kaposvar.

Somogy has numerous historical and delightful sites. There are the ruins of the Romanesque Benedictine abbey in Somogyv�r, the two neogothic Red & Blue Chapels in Balatonboglar, and the Lutheran church of Siofok, which is an interesting harmony of folk and modern architecture.

Numerous exquisite residences can be found all over Somogy. There is the Tourism and Cultural Centre of Sz�nt�dpuszta in Sz�nt�d that was established in a former manor. There is also the 19th century Csillagv�r (Star castle) of Balatonszentgyorgy, with a fine exhibition of border castles. Also the mansion of Szoloskislak with a wine museum and wine-tasting services is popular. It was once owned by a 1930's Hungarian film star, Franciska Ga�l.

And lastly, a curious place is the crypt-villa of Fony�d, built by a �d�n Abrudb�nyai-R�diger as a homage to his lover. The marbled honeymoon room complete with life-size statues of the lovers is said to grant eternal love to visiting young couples.

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