Suburban Skärholmen has a cosmopolitan vibe even if it is set in the beautiful countryside. It has an efficient transportation systems, good schools and medical facilities, and a popular commercial area. Kungens Kurva has all you need to keep the household in perfect order: the largest IKEA is found here, as well as supermarkets and hardware stores. Skärholmen Centrum satisfies all your personal shopping needs, with about 200 shops to choose from.

Nature and leisure are never too far. Mälärhöjdsbadet and Sätra Strandbad offer great bathing spots, while Lyran, Skärholmens Gård, and Sätra Varv are perfect for soaking up some culture. For more of the outdoor life, take the family to Varpaängen for a night of camping.

Finding property to invest in Skärholmen is not difficult; there are plenty of options available, as this suburban area is teeming with private houses as well as flats to rent.

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