The Shikoku region is an island south of the Honshu Island. The smallest and least populated region in Japan, Shikoku is mostly agricultural and filled with citrus plantations. Certain parts in the region have preserved traditional industries such as cultured pearls and local crafts.

Despite the region's smallness, Shikoku is considerably developed. The prefecture Kagawa-ken is the smallest yet the mightiest area of the region as it serves as the commercial, economic, government and transportation hub of the island. The coastline of the prefecture is lined with industrial structures and landscaped gardens.

The Tokushima-ken Prefecture serves as the commerce and communication hub of eastern Shikoku, through the old port town of Tokushima city.  The prefecture has dramatic coastlines, and protects Japan’s last wilderness. Its best attraction is the Ohama Beach where giant sea turtles lay their eggs.

The Ehime-ken Prefecture has fishing villages and small manufacturing towns with old shrines, temples and castles. It thrives on the cultured pearl industry.

The Kochi-ken Prefecture faces the Pacific and has fascinating natural features and mixed climate.

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