Sant Marti, on the sea, is Barcelona's second most populous district. It has some of Barcelona's most attractive beaches, potentially making it a top investment location. Already, many trendy lofts and stylish modern buildings are being built.

Key residential areas
Poblenou, The Diagonal Mar


Poblenou, particularly, is being transformed into a fashionable residential area with a new housing development overlooking the sea. Formerly a rustic area, home to workers, tradesmen and fishermen, it retained a degree of village-like charm and community spirit after it became an industrial zone.

The Diagonal Mar

The Diagonal Mar, as it is called, has luxury apartments with all amenities and is near the Forum de les Culturas a former exhibition space that is now a venue for free concerts. Its high-rise blocks target the same affluent class as the residences in Pedralbes, but are more attractive.

There are facilities for sports and entertainment in Sant Marti , left over from the Barcelona Olympics of 1992, including the Icaria shopping center and cinemaplex. There are also big trendy nightclubs and restaurants. The area has lots of markets.