Saint Thomas Lowland was the site of the first British settlement of Jamestown, and became the first parish to be established on Nevis. It was believed that a devastating tidal wave in the late 1680s swept Jamestown away, leaving only St Thomas’ Church.

The parish, whose capital is Cotton Ground, is the centre of Nevis’ economy. Saint Thomas Lowland revolves around tourism. Next to the government, the Four Seasons Resort and Golf Course is the largest single employer on the island. Other hotels and residential developments along the coast also provide employment.

Palm-lined sand beaches dot the coast of Saint Thomas Lowland. Aside from beaches, famous attractions here include the freshwater Nelson’s Spring which supplied Horatio Nelson’s ship with drinking water, and Cades Point, which has a small but steep hill that is a weathered remnant of an ancient volcanic core. The summit of Nevis Peak marks the interior land boundary of the parish.

Cotton Ground

The small fishing town of Cotton Ground is made famous by Nelson’s Spring, a picturesque source of fresh drinking water for Horatio Nelson and his men during their tour of duty around the Leeward Islands. The area is used mainly by trap fishers.