Saint Paul Charlestown (a prime area) is the smallest among the 14 administrative parishes of St Kitts and Nevis, with a land area of only 4 square kilometres. It has one of the shortest coastlines in Nevis at a length of only half a mile. Its main natural attraction is the dormant volcano Nevis Peak, which is covered by lush rainforests.

Charlestown is the capital of Saint Paul Charlestown and of the entire island of Nevis. It is the seat of the island’s government.

Saint Paul Charlestown is Nevis’ economic centre. Most of the island’s main businesses are here. Several major international financial institutions also operate here, making financial services the main driving force of Saint Paul Charlestown’s economy.


The capital city of Nevis—Charlestown—is on the leeward side of the island in the parish of Saint Paul Charlestown. During colonial times, the town was protected in the north by Fort Black Rocks and in the south by Fort Charles. Many old two-storey buildings used to stand around the area. Unfortunately damages from earthquakes over the years have caused most of them to collapse, partly due to design flaws. Residents took note of this, and have since built the upper floors of their homes with lighter materials.

Charlestown’s narrow Main Street leads to two town squares—Courthouse Square with its stately Courthouse dated 1815 and the D.R. Walwyn Square, named after a local resident who opened the first indigenous bank in Nevis. There are many houses along Main Street, which are protected by sea walls against wave action and in the past, against attacks from invading forces.

The city is also the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, the famous statesman who framed the U.S. Constitution. His residence now houses the Museum of Nevis History and the Nevis Island Administration Assembly Room.

Nelson Spring Beach Villas and Spa

Nelson Spring Beach Villas and Spas is a 3.5 acre beachfront property on the west coast of Nevis. It enjoys fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea, Nevis Peak, and the neighbouring island of St Kitts.

The beautiful resort consists of 24 luxury villas and 10 2-storey townhouse complexes or condominiums, each having 30 units. World-famous landscape architect Julie Toll designed the resort grounds. The resort has a pool, an all-weather tennis court and state-of-the-art fitness centre. Its crowning glory, however, is its world-class spa housed in a 2-storey building.

Popular activities around the resort include snorkelling and scuba diving, sport fishing, hiking and mountain climbing, and golf.

Fernhill Estate

On the sloping hills of Nevis overlooking the Four Seasons Resort championship golf course, Fernhill Estate enjoys dramatic views of the mountains and the Caribbean Sea. It consists of 25 exclusive properties surrounded by coconut palms, mature mango and tamarind trees, and tropical plants.

Fernhill Estate is only a mile and a half away from popular Pinney’s Beach and 15 minutes from the airport.


The planned community of Cliffdwellers is aptly named for its dramatic location—at the top of a rocky promontory 100 feet above sea level. The community consists of individually owned West Indian style villas that are clustered together in a village-like setting. Part of the Economic Citizenship Programme, it is designed to preserve open space and promote social relations among residents.

Each Cliffdwellers villa has 2 bedrooms and 3 baths, and wrap-around verandas that give scenic views of the area and the Caribbean Sea. Although the Caribbean trade winds keep the villas cool, the bedrooms are also equipped with air conditioning. Other amenities include an 8 by 8 feet plunge pool, telephone, cable TV and Internet access.

Pinney’s Beach

Pinney’s Beach, the longest beach in Nevis stretches for three and a half miles along the island’s Caribbean coast. Tall coconut palms tower over the golden sand that meets calm blue waters. The Narrows and St Kitts are wonderfully viewed across it.

Properties on Pinney’s Beach include 3- to 4-bedroom detached oceanfront villas designed with a combination of Caribbean and Mediterranean styles and an indoor-outdoor open living space plan. There are a couple of hotels in the area complete with sporting facilities, and beach restaurants and bars.

Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort is a famous holiday destination in Nevis. The resort consists of 12 two-storey guest buildings with 196 spacious rooms and suites, one of the most scenic golf courses in the world, and a famous award-winning spa.

Four Seasons offers custom-designed luxury 3- to 4-bedroom homes and villas for private ownership and resale opportunities. A recent release is Clarke’s Estates, which features 8 exclusive home sites around the golf course. There are adaptable home plans for 3- to 4-bedroom villas.

A new estate being developed by Four Seasons Resort is Stewart’s Estates, which have panoramic views of the sea.

Golden Rock Estate

The hundred-acre Golden Rock Estate was once an 18th century sugar plantation built entirely from lava stone. Converted into a luxury hotel, the estate now contains intimate cottages surrounding a garden courtyard filled with orchids and bougainvilleas. Other facilities in Golden Rock Estate include a spring-fed swimming pool, dining room and bar in the Long House, and a tennis court.

The sugar mill’s stone tower has been restored and converted. Rooms have antique furnishings, canopied mahogany four-poster beds and shuttered windows.

Golden Rock Estate has the best rum punch in Nevis and the entire Caribbean. Created by the estate’s manager Rolston Hobson, the punch and other Hobson concoctions have been prominently featured in Gourmet Magazine.