Saint John Figtree is a parish of Nevis, with a coastline that consists of small cliffs and beaches that are difficult to access. The capital of the parish is the village of Church Ground.

There are few interesting sites in the region, such as the Nevis Botanical Garden and the small Fig Tree Church, which has a copy of the Horatio Lord Nelson-Fanny Nisbet marriage certificate.


The village of Bath is aptly named for the large volcanic hot spring in the area. The site is frequented by visitors for its therapeutic waters.

The famous Bath Hotel, the 18th century establishment near the hot spring, has been converted into government offices.

Gallows Bay

Gallows Bay in Nevis is known best known for two things—its many reefs that are great for snorkelling and the annual Nevis Triathlon. The famous international event is considered one of the most gruelling endurance races as it is held during the month of March, when temperature can soar up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.