Saint John Capesterre is part of the Capesterre region of St Kitts. Its capital is Dieppe Bay Town.

The parish has a 5-mile coastline of black sand beaches and calm waters. Large offshore reef formations surrounding Dieppe Bay Beach protect it against the brisk Atlantic winds. These reef formations are the safest natural harbour in St Kitts. They are also excellent fishing grounds and popular snorkelling sites. Parson’s Beach and Sandy Bay have no similar protection, so the waves are turbulent and risky for swimming.

Large metamorphic rock projections called Black Rocks jut out from the coast. They were formed from the lava emitted by Mt Liamuiga during its last volcanic eruption in the 14th century. Wave action and erosion have led to the formation of pools, grottoes and projections in the area.

Mt Liamuiga’s slopes are fertile and suitable for fruit and vegetable cultivation. The main crops produced here are avocado, banana, breadfruit, cashew, mango, papaya, carambola, sugar apple, and golden apple.

Saint John Capesterre celebrates many community festivals. These include Festab, La Festival de Capesterre, and Saddlefest, which feature calypso shows, beauty pageants and street parties.

Close to completion in the parish is the new residential development of Beaumont Heights. It is in the foothills of Mt Liamuiga and part of the Beaumont Estate. It consists of 107 lots which are purchased in fee simple. The development overlooks the Beaumont Park Race Track and has splendid views of the surrounding mountains, the ocean, and neighbouring Caribbean islands.

Dieppe Bay Town

Dieppe Bay Town, Saint John Capesterre’s capital, is the oldest town to be founded by Europeans in the Eastern Caribbean, dating from 1583. The town was originally divided into two. The western part in the region of Capesterre de St Christophe was ruled by France, and Dieppe was its capital. The United Kingdom occupied the southern part in British St Christopher, with Saddlers as its capital. When the British took full control of the island in 1713, Dieppe Bay Town became famous for being the only town in St Kitts with two capitals.

The town’s picturesque black sand beaches have gained popularity with tourists. Its winds and waves are great for windsurfing, while the offshore reef formations are excellent snorkelling sites. The cliffs of Black Rocks and the slopes of Mt Liamuiga in the background also lend their beauty to the area.

Dieppe Bay Beach

Palm trees line the small, black sand Dieppe Bay Beach on the north shore of St Kitts. The beach looks out to the Atlantic Ocean on the right, and the Caribbean Sea on the left. A large reef formation offshore protects it from strong winds and currents, making the waters safe for swimming. The reef is also an excellent snorkelling spot.

Aside from the beach itself, Dieppe Bay Beach holds two more attractions. The famous cliffs of Black Rocks are a natural wonder, while Stone Fort stands as a historical landmark.

The Golden Lemon Hotel

The Golden Lemon Inn and Villas is the most popular establishment on Dieppe Bay Beach. It consists of 17th century Great House bedrooms and ocean and beachside villas, each with a private garden and a large plunge pool. Each of the 26 rooms and suites are individually designed, with antique poster beds and mahogany armoires and chest enhancing the nostalgic ambience.

The Golden Lemon Hotel has been featured in Gourmet Magazine for its menus that offer a fusion of Caribbean, Continental and American cuisine. Popular favourites are the hotel’s house porridge, the Island Veggie Burger and the West Indian rum beef stew.