Saint James Windward is a parish of Nevis in the northeastern section of the island. Its capital is Newcastle, which is right next to Nevis Airport.

Although it is the largest parish in the entire country by land area, it is the least populated, with small villages separated by dry scrub.

The parish’s famous beaches are Lovers’ Beach, Newcastle Beach, and Long Haul Bay. Saint James Windward also counts the ancient weathered volcanic core of Round Hill, the lush rainforest behind Butler’s Peak, and the ruins of colonial sugar plantations as its prominent attractions.


The village of Newcastle is the capital of Saint James Windward parish. It is on the northern coast of Nevis and lies just east of the Nevis Airport.

During the construction of the runway extension, much of the village had to be moved. One of the casualties of the development was the Newcastle Redoubt, a 17th century colonial fortification.

Newcastle Beach/Bay

Soft white sand shaded by rocks and coconut trees characterize Newcastle Beach, a popular snorkelling spot at the northernmost tip of Nevis. It lies off the main road close to Nisbet Plantation.

Nisbet Plantation Beach

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club was built over an 18th century property. Covering 30 acres of land on the island of Nevis, it is the only plantation inn on a white sand beach protected by reefs.

The resort has a beautifully restored 18th century Great House. Thirty-six charming cottages are spread throughout the lush tropical setting on both sides of the Avenue of the Palms, a lawn that stretches from the Great House leading down to Nisbet Beach.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club was named the Best Luxury Hotel in the Caribbean and Latin America in the 2008 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Herbert’s Beach

Herbert’s Beach is a picturesque white sand resort just east of Nisbet Plantation. It is a popular swimming and snorkelling spot among tourists. It is off the main island road, and quiet.

Lovers’ Beach

Lovers’ Beach is a secluded mile-long strip of white sand, visited by occasional winds that leave the beach covered with flotsam. The resort consists of two large villas with verandas offering spectacular views of the area, and a private swimming pool.

Round Hill Estate

Round Hill Estate is an upscale neighbourhood on the island of Nevis. Homes and establishments have beautiful views of St Kitts and Booby Island, which is named after the country’s national bird, the brown pelican or booby. An off-the-main-road attraction in the area is the Cottle Church ruins hidden in the woods.

There are family run hotels, restaurants and beach clubs in the 980-acre estate. Some of the properties here are approved for the Economic Citizenship Programme.

Mount Nevis Hotel and Beach Club

Mount Nevis Hotel and Beach Club is on a 17-acre land in Round Hill Estate. It consists of 32 rooms in 4 two-storey pavilions which provide breathtaking views of Nevis.

Montpelier Plantation Inn

Montpelier Plantation Inn is an elegant contemporary hotel reconstructed from a 1800s lime plantation house that resembled an English country manor. It is known in Nevis’ history as the site of the wedding of Horatio Lord Nelson to Fanny Nisbet in 1787.

This 60-acre establishment can be found in the hills of Nevis, and offers 19 rooms with spectacular views of the sea.