Saint George Gingerland lies in the southeastern section of the island of Nevis. Simply called Gingerland, the parish was named after the abundant ginger crops once grown in the region. Agriculture still remains the primary driving force of its economy. Cultivation of fruits and vegetables is highly productive here, followed by livestock breeding.

The parish has few interesting sites, such as the Anglican Parish Church of St. George in its capital of Market Shop, the hotels of Old Manor and Golden Rock Estate which were once old sugar plantations, and Nevis’ famous Race Track.

Market Shop

The village of Market Shop is the capital of Saint George Gingerland parish. As its name suggests, agricultural activities are concentrated here. An interesting landmark is the Anglican Parish Church of Saint George.

New River Estate

New River Estate is a leading historical attraction in Saint George Gingerland parish. It lies on the windward side of the island of Nevis along the Atlantic coast. The scenic view includes the volcanic island of Montserrat.

The estate was the last sugar plantation to operate commercially in Nevis until its closure in 1958. Its sugar storehouse and steam engine machinery ranked among the finest in the region. New River Estate is now being developed into a museum to help boost tourism on the island.

Coconut Walk Estate

Coconut Walk Estate is a lovely tourist attraction and public recreation spot on Nevis. Situated along the island’s windward coast, it covers an old sugar plantation bordered by lush coconut trees. Ruins of the factory building, a large windmill tower, and cistern remain. One of the most important relics is a limekiln that is still in use.