Saint George Basseterre (a prime area) is the most populated parish in St Kitts and the country’s economic and financial centre. Its economy is primarily driven by its light manufacturing industry (the largest in the Eastern Caribbean), agriculture, and tourism. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and the Eastern Caribbean Stock Exchange are in the parish.

The country’s capital, Basseterre, is a small, lovely town of palm trees, neat streets and Georgian houses surrounded by hills and mountains.

There are two natural attractions outside of Basseterre: Booby Island, a rocky island in the centre of The Narrows channel that separates St Kitts and Nevis, and the Great Salt Pond, the country’s largest body of water and a natural habitat for several species of birds and fish. However, the Great Salt Pond will soon be no more. In its place will be the shipyard and mega yacht marina of the soon-to-arise luxury development Christophe Harbour. A championship golf course and residential properties are also being constructed at the site.

Also under development are a dolphin park in South Friar’s Bay and villas on the peninsula’s hills and ridges.

Basseterre Town

The capital city of Basseterre is on the southern coast of St Kitts. The Basseterre Port is a leading commercial depot in the Leeward Islands. Basseterre has two main harbours: Deep Water Harbour, a docking port for cargo and cruise ships, and Port Zante, which is exclusively for large cruise ships.

White sand beaches dot the coastline stretching from Basseterre to the South East Peninsula. These include Frigate Bay, Turtle Beach, Sand Bank Bay and Friar’s Bay South. The beaches become darker in hue the farther north they are from Basseterre, their sands going from gray to volcanic black.

While Basseterre is a very small town, it is the primary commercial and industrial centre of St Kitts. Many of its business and financial establishments are laid out in a grid pattern along the town’s main streets.

Two plazas define the heart of Basseterre. Independence Square contains the Basseterre Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Courthouse and other old buildings built in the Georgian and Creole-West Indian architectural styles. Once infamous for slave auctions, Independence Square is now a popular parade and festival ground. The other is The Circus, a small roundabout lined with shops and other buildings. In its centre is the Georgian-style Berkeley Memorial, which has four clock faces for every street going into the roundabout.

Basseterre’s historic district also includes the Cenotaph, St. George’s Anglican Church, the National Museum, and the St Kitts Sugar Factory. The St Kitts Scenic Railway Train, once used to transport sugar, now brings tourists to the scenic parts of the island from Sandy Point to Basseterre.

Frigate Bay

Two bays share the name of Frigate Bay southeast of Basseterre. They occupy the northern end of the isthmus that connects the South East Peninsula with the rest of St Kitts. Frigate Bay Beach is in the south and has calm waters, while North Frigate Bay lies along the Atlantic Coast and has rougher tides.

Frigate Bay and the South East Peninsula are St Kitts’ main tourist beach spots of St Kitts. A number of hotels and resorts are concentrated here. The popular Frigate Bay Beach Resort benefits from a scenic location that takes in wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It includes 64 rooms and deluxe 1- and 2-bedroom condominium suites, an Olympic-size swimming pool, the poolside Bistro Restaurant, and the Geitz Conference and Catering Centre. The 18-hole Royal St Kitts Golf Course is right next to it.

A number of residential areas aimed at expatriates are being developed on Frigate Bay. Adjacent to the Royal St Kitts Golf Course is the Sunrise Hills Villas. Forty exclusive Caribbean-style villas have panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

North Frigate Bay

North Frigate Bay is the more extensively developed of the two bays on Frigate Bay, with a great number of hotel, resort and condominium projects. The beach resorts here include St Kitts Marriott Resort, the Angelus, and Sugar Bay Club St Kitts, all conveniently near the 18-hole Royal St Kitts Golf Course.

Beachfront properties are available for long-term vacation rentals in North Frigate Bay. St Christopher Club, Island Paradise Beach Village, and Sealofts on the Beach are among the popular choices. St Christopher Club timeshare condominiums are designed in Euro-Caribbean style. One- to 4-bedroom fully equipped units with lock-offs are on offer. Island Paradise’s 1- to 3-bedroom self-catering units are also fully equipped. Sealofts is a 3-acre community of 25 duplex townhouses. These private vacation homes are either garden-view or ocean-view properties.  

As North Frigate Bay faces the Atlantic Ocean from the windward coast of St Kitts, its waters are often rough and brisk. Even the most experienced swimmers are at risk.

Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay is a top-rated beach in St Kitts. Its challenging Atlantic waters are great for brisk swims and bodysurfing, but inexperienced swimmers should take caution.

Halfmoon Bay Villas

Situated on the bay of the same name, the luxury development Halfmoon Bay Villas occupies a choice spot on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Each villa is custom-designed to preserve the area’s unique topography and take advantage of the sweeping breeze. Each has its own spectacular view of the South East Peninsula and the ocean.

Beach Music Villa

Beach Music is a private hillside villa that features a modern Caribbean architecture. The main house has an open plan—the sitting room flows freely to the dining and kitchen areas, with each section taking advantage of the breeze and the view. The master bedroom overlooks the deck and the swimming pool, which in turn looks out to the Royal St Kitts Golf Course. The adjoining two-bedroom guesthouse has balconies facing the sea and enjoys the same views as the main house.

Southeast Peninsula

The South East Peninsula consists of tied islands (a peninsula in which the outermost end is connected to the mainland by a strip of beach), with hills rising up to 335 metres in the south. Because it is on the Atlantic coast, the waters can be rough for swimming, with hidden reefs adding to the danger.

The peninsula’s beaches have unique attractions. Shipwrecks dating back to the Battle of St Kitts in 1782 lie in the depths of White House Bay. They have become popular snorkelling sites. Yachts and cabin cruisers usually take anchor at this bay. The brisk waves of North Friar’s Bay, a popular nesting site for sea turtles, are a challenge for experienced swimmers and bodysurfers.

Major developments in the region started as early as October 2007. One of these is the 2,400-acre luxury resort complex Christophe Harbour. The sophisticated development includes hillside, oceanfront and harbour-side homes that blend Caribbean and Mediterranean styles. Over-the-water home designs are available along the area of the mega-yacht marina. Each home has a private dock and access to an exclusive beach. Built-for-sale bungalows and custom-designed 2- to 4-bedroom villas are also highly desirable properties.

Another residential development is the Estates on Sundance Ridge. It consists of 15 lavish and exclusive villas, each featuring outdoor and indoor living spaces. Three- to 6-bedroom units are available. The development is expected to become a highly-sought residential area.

Scotch Bonnet

Upscale Scotch Bonnet on the hill of the same name overlooks Cockleshell Bay and Turtle Beach, and enjoys views of the island of Nevis. It is part of St Kitts and Nevis’ Economic Citizenship Programme.

Scotch Bonnet consists of 19 home sites, each presenting one of 4 home designs that can be tailored to the property buyer’s personal requirements. Each unit has the latest “smart home” technology, and comes with a membership to the community’s amenities, such as the gym, pool, tennis courts, and golf putting green.

Heritage Plantation

Heritage Plantation is a luxury residential community being developed on 22 acres of land in the Scotch Bonnet area of the South East Peninsula. It consists of individually designed luxury villas reflecting a mixed of French and English architectural tradition. Each has breathtaking views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic, and nearby Nevis. Some of the facilities include an infinity edge swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, and golf putting green.

This gated community 24-hour security is part of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Estates on Sundance Ridge

The Estates on Sundance Ridge is a new luxury residential development on the narrow portion of the South East Peninsula. Part of this large estate is the Sundance Ridge Villas. The first villa residence was erected in late 2007, and two more followed in 2008. Each spacious home sits on the hillside, taking in panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the island of Nevis. The homes are surrounded by beautifully landscaped tropical gardens.

More construction is still underway in the estate.

Sundance Ridge Villas

Sundance Ridge Villas is a part of the lavish and exclusive development project in the South East Peninsula known as the Estates on Sundance Ridge. It consists of 15 luxury villas designed in an open architectural style—high ceilings, oversized windows, spacious indoor living spaces and broad verandas. Each villa has its own private infinity swimming pool. Depending on location, the villas will have wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, the island of Nevis, or the mountains of St Kitts.

Villas are pre-designed, but the developer can build residences according to the property buyer’s specifications.

Sundance Ridge Villas is part of the Economic Citizenship Programme.