Properties in Roscommon Ireland

County Roscommon is a lush county near the centre of Ireland, a land of forests and farmlands, castles and ruins, historic towns. Its terrain is mostly flat, punctuated with the occasional hill and dotted with lakes. There is no absence of water in this inland county: the River Shannon borders the county to the east and the River Suck to the west.

Roscommon’s most famous historic monument is the ruins of Roscommon Castle, built in 1269 by Normans and ravaged by the Irish. Equally significant are the ruins of the Abbey where Comain, the saint for whom the county was named, was bishop. Strokestown Park House is one of the most important 18th century manor houses in Roscommon. A market town, Strokestown, grew around it. The estate has dwindled to just 1% of its original 12,000 hectares, but the house is well-preserved. Another elegant 18th century home is Frybrook House, a townhouse with some beautiful Georgian details. Museums in the county include the Irish Famine Museum in Strokestown and the Roscommon County Museum.

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