Prague 4 (a prime area) is Prague’s biggest municipality. Its southern part consists of residential neighbourhoods, small villages, and open farmlands.

The most desirable real estate in Prague 4 are in Branik and Podoli, neighbourhoods with houses and apartment buildings along tree-lined streets, with traditional Czech restaurants, outdoor pubs, parks, and sports centres. Access to the city centre is provided by bus and tram networks, although most residents find it more convenient to use a car.

Because of its distance to the city centre, property values in Prague 4 are reasonable, but not necessarily cheap. Property prices can get quite high uphill or near parks. Podoli is the third most expensive neighbourhood in Prague after Dejvice and Vinohrady.

The neighbourhoods of Pankrac and Budejovicka are characterized by cheap, Communist-era panel buildings called “panelaks”, which are not desirable to look at, much less live in.