Prague 3 consists of the majority of Žižkov and parts of Vinohrady, Vysočany and Strašnice.

Originally a working-class district, Žižkov underwent urban renewal with the reconstruction and restoration of several older buildings. While one part of the neighbourhood is notorious for its brothels, strip clubs and cheap bars, a short distance away is the more respectable section with modern apartment buildings, fashionable cafés and restaurants, and a brand new shopping mall with expensive stores. This chic area has led to the rising of property prices in Žižkov over the years.

Famous landmarks in Prague 3 are the the 216-metre Žižkov Tower and the National Monument, which has a giant equestrian statue of Count Jan Žižka, a famous Bohemian general. Much of the district is occupied by the large Olšany Cemetery and a nearby Jewish cemetery, where the Czech-German writer Franz Kafka is buried.