The municipal district of Prague 19 is northeast of the city centre. It has several areas of interest.

The village of Satalice is known for Bažantnice, a 16-hectare nature reserve of oaks, beeches, maples and birches. The village also has some old buildings, such as the inn and pub of Portelny, which was built in 1412.

Vinoř has the impressive Vinoř Castle, which served as the residence of the country’s leading politicians, including former president T.G. Masaryk. Another is the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. A former Romanesque structure, the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style by the Czech architect Frantisek Maximilian Knaka in the 18th century. Knaka also designed Vinoř Castle. Thirteenth century Ctěnice Manor, with its large castle grounds and sprawling manor park, has an exhibit on the Habsburg dynasty and an impressive museum of carriages and coaches from the 18th century onwards.

If there is anything that Kbely is most famous for, it is its aviation historyThe first airplane in the Czech Republic took off from its airport in December 1918. The first military air show was performed here in 1933. These and other aviation history highlights are archived in the National Aerospace Museum. Kbely also has an Air Transportation Base, the Military Technical Institute of Aviation and Air Defense, and the transmission tower of Radio Prague.