Properties in Paris FranceParis is so renowned that it really needs no introduction. This scintillating city, exuberant and romantic, a bastion of art and culture, a blend of old-fashioned elegance and decadence, steeped in sophistication yet reveling in the popular, is a city like no other in the world. This has made it a favorite among travelers, and quite a few of these visitors grow so enamored of the city that they actually decide to live there.

If you are thinking of settling in Paris, the first question you should ask is, where in Paris? It is a large city, divided into 20 official neighborhoods known as arrondissements. Each one is numbered accordingly: 1st arrondissement, 2nd arrondissement, 3rd arrondissement, and so on. Parisians generally shorten these names, so that 3rd arrondissement becomes "3e" (itself short for 3ème).

Outside central Paris, you will find the outlying suburbs that are known as Les Banlieues. The banlieues to the west of Paris (Boulogne, Levallois, Neuilly-sur-Seine, and Saint Cloud) are wealthy, attractive suburbs and much-desired neighborhoods. The northeastern suburbs have a less attractive pedigree, with large working-class immigrant populations and associations with crime and delinquency. Indeed, the banlieues as a whole have developed a rather unsavory reputation that they may not entirely deserve. And although the crime rate in the banlieues may have increased (according to some reports) in recent years, murder in the banlieues has remained infrequent.