Industry and commercial and public services boost the economy of the Pardubice Region in eastern Bohemia. Much of the region’s economic prosperity can also be attributed to its being a key junction for the European railway network, and air and river transport. This has made the region attractive to foreign investors, who have established businesses and factories here.

It is not all factories and plants in Pardubice. The region has several natural attractions, particularly in the Železný and Orlický mountains. Hiking and horseback riding are popular activities in these areas. Interesting historical monuments include the castles at Litice on the Orlice River and at Kunětická hora near the capital city of Pardubice.


The city of Pardubice lies on the River Labe (Elbe). It has a lovely Old Town, sections of which have been undergoing reconstruction. These include historic edifices such as the Green Tower overlooking the town’s main square and the 13th century Pardubice Chateau, which now houses the Museum of East Bohemia. The Gothic and Renaissance mass of Pardubice Castle, sitting in the middle of its beautiful park, has been recently renovated as well. However, the city may be best known for the Pardubice Steeplechase, a cross-country race that takes place in the region every autumn.

Major development is also taking place in the city centre with the reconstruction of old suburban concrete panel blocks and the construction of a new square with administrative and business establishments and private homes.

The newer, industrial section of Pardubice has the country’s first duty-free zone. Oil refineries, computer parts factories and chemical plants occupy this part of the city.