Properties in Para BelgiumPart of the North Region, the state of Pará is an extremely ecologically important place. A large swath of the Amazon rainforest is in Pará, and the large, rushing Amazon River goes through it.

Most of its population is concentrated in the urban areas, notably Belém, capital of Para, where the festival of Círio de Nazaré attracts thousands of tourists each October.

Belém has a busy port and airport. Built on the banks of the Amazon estuary, it is considered the gateway to the Amazon.

Another popular destination in Pará is Marajó. It is the largest island in an archipelago floating in the mouth of the Amazon near Belém. Visitors come to Marajó for its beautiful beaches, rich animal and plant life, and warm, welcoming people. It can get flooded here during the rainy season, though.

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