The Olomouc Region consists of the townships of Jesenik, Olomouc, Prostejov, Prerov, and Sumperk. Around 34.4% of the region’s area is occupied by forests, particularly in Jesenik and Sumperk.

The remaining areas have been allotted to heavy and building industries, such as general engineering, processing, metalwork, and electrical and optical equipment manufacturing. The region’s economy is also sourced by the textile and glass industries and building materials manufacturing.

The Olomouc Region has a myriad of historical sites amidst fascinating natural attractions. A bike track network allows tourists to visit the region’s castles and strongholds, particularly those in Bouzov, Velke Losiny, Jansky Vrch, Helfstyn, Usov, and Sovinec. Other popular sites are the Jeseniky and Rychlebske hory Mountains, and the caves of Javoricske and Mladecske.


The city of Olomouc is known as the ecclesiastical metropolis of Moravia, and known for its fine, well-maintained old buildings and monuments. It has one of the largest concentrations of Baroque architecture in the country, from public fountains and columns to the Holy Trinity Column, a splendid monument in the Upper Square that celebrates God and the Catholic Church. It had been build by local craftsmen and artists in thanksgiving for the end of a plague that swept through the country in the early 18th century.

Gothic buildings stand along the streets and squares, including the Church of St. Maurice and the Town Hall with its bay chapel and modern astronomical clock.

Renaissance architecture is represented by some palaces in town and Pod bohatými krámy, a complex of merchant houses.

Thanks to its convenient location at the junction of two primary national and international highways, Olomouc has seen an increasing demand for residential properties. This has led to the allotment of building plots for the construction of individual family houses and flats, with units for permanent ownership and for rent.