Ochota (a prime area) is strategically near the city centre of Śródmieście. One of the smallest of Warsaw’s districts, it occupies only about two percent of the city’s land area. Yet it has a number of public parks and affluent residential neighbourhoods, and one of Europe’s biggest shopping malls, Zloty Tarasy. The three-kilometre stretch of its Jerozolimskie Avenue is lined with modern buildings housing big multinational firms.

Ochota has one of the city’s biggest parks. Szczesliwicki Park has many lovely lakes, a skating rink and Warsaw’s only man-made ski slope, complete with artificial snow. Ochota also has a few historical neighbourhoods, such as Kolonia Lubeckiego and Kolonia Staszica, whose private homes were built in the 1920s and restored after the war.

Other small housing estates in the district are Filtry, Rakowiec, Stara Ochota and Szczesliwice. Many of them feature broad, tree-lined streets, and public parks are within walking distance. The exclusive district is seeing the rise of new upscale residential buildings, with portions being planned for further development.