North Eleuthera includes the main settlements of Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. The district is full of pretty clapboard cottages adorned with bougainvillea and is largely being developed as a residential region for expats and vacationers.

One subdivision is Rainbow Bay, offering vacation homes on quarter-acre lots. The Bay also has a beach, tennis court, and a small resort and restaurant.

Gregory Town is seven miles north of Rainbow Bay, and is the place where vacation homeowners go for their necessities and supplies, including the sweetest pineapples in the world.

Eleuthera Island Shores is south of Gregory Town. A large, bohemian subdivision, its residents are a mix of artists, musicians and surfers. Homeowners are expected to pay extra for electricity from Queen’s Highway or manage with just gas cooking and solar power because of the lack of vital utilities.

On the island’s Caribbean side north of Gregory Town is the small community of Oleander Gardens, with its pretty landscape and spectacular views from the cliffs. There is a small rocky beach below The Cove. Quarter-acre cliff-front lots are available.

Bottom Harbour/Whale Point is the rugged part of the island, with spectacular cliffs on the east and a beautiful protected bay to the west. The region is serviced by the commercial establishments on Harbour Island.

North Eleuthera’s main natural attraction is Sweetings Pond, a 260-acre saltwater lake that is believed to be linked to the Atlantic Ocean by deep underwater blue holes.

Charles Island

Charles Island is considered the gateway to North Eleuthera and Harbour Island. It is reputed to be one of the islands that explorer Ponce de Leon visited during his quest for the fabled Fountain of Youth.

Although presently under extensive development, the island already has installed three main electrical lines, and government and telephone services. Luxury residences and a private marina are planned for the region.

Recently, Charles Island has made the list of the world’s most expensive islands with a whopping asking price of $39 million.