The largest district in the Bahamas, North Andros (a prime area) is known as the Bonefishing Capital of the Bahamas because of its numerous broad salt flats.

North Andros also has many blue holes. Diving excursions into these holes have led to the discovery of ancient artifacts, including ancient Lucayan canoes. A favourite among divers is Captain Morgan’s Lost Blue Hole, named after the notorious pirate Captain Henry Morgan.

Other sites of interest in North Andros include its many churches, Stafford Creek and Love At First Sight Hotel. North Andros is also home to a Mennonite community and the old Seminole Indian settlement at Red Bays.

North Andros has a large supply of fresh water, and is presently the source of drinking water for New Providence Island. Here one can buy androsia, a type of batik that is made by applying colourful dyes to fabric treated with wax to create striking, beautiful designs.

Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay is a 96-acre luxury private island refuge just off the coast of Andros Island with three-mile, sugar-soft sandy beaches and freshwater pools glittering against a backdrop of silver palms.

Housing in Kamalame Cay consists of quaint villas, tropical suites and intimate cottages built from stone and furnished with Indonesian furnishings. Each residence offers ocean views and accessibility to nearby beaches.

For the best in Caribbean cuisine, the place to go to is Le Grande Maison on the Cay. The Spa at Kamalame Cay offers the latest beauty and rejuvenation treatments.

Tourist accommodations are offered by Kamalame Cove, a 7,500-square foot private villa consisting of an open-air Great Room and separate wings leading to elegant bedrooms.