Properties in  North Hong Kong Fourteenth century homes, 1940s shophouses and modern public housing estates are typical sights in the New Territories’ mountainous North District. While it shares a border with the extremely vibrant and bustling city of Shenzhen, it is still rural and agricultural in many areas. Homes here are in high-rise public housing estates or in older neighbourhoods with shop-lined streets. Many old ancestral homes and walled villages have been restored, and shop signs are not always bilingual as in other districts.

There are three MTR stations in the large district. However, cars can be convenient if you want to explore this district fully. The Shenzhen River serves as a natural border between the North district and Shenzhen. Hong Kong has close ties with the Chinese city, and there are several crossing points from one area to the other. From the last stop of the MTR and after the checkpoint, you can quickly connect to the Shenzhen metro and the Chinese rail network. Trains to any destination in China leave daily from here.