Mosman (a prime area)  is an exclusive suburb in the northeastern part of the Sydney CBD. It is a largely residential neighbourhood with Federation-era houses, California-style bungalows, townhouses and apartment buildings.

A major landmark here is Rawson Park. It has a stunning view of the harbour and a cairn made of stones sourced from all the parishes in Scotland. The cairn is a memorial to Australia’s Scottish pioneers and Scotland’s gift to the island continent during its bicentennial celebrations in 1988.

Mosman has a number of beaches, such as Balmoral Beach, which gets good winds for windsurfing; Obelisk Beach, a favourite among gay beach-lovers; Cobblers Beach, a secluded nudist area; and the swimming-friendly picnic spot Chinamans Beach.

The suburb has upmarket residential neighbourhoods like Rangers Avenue and Clifton Gardens.