Minato (a prime area) is a business and commercial ward in Tokyo. It has about 49 industries and corporate offices like Honda, Mitsubishi, Sony and NEC, among others. There are many embassies here as well.

Minato is also an entertainment and shopping hub, and its nightlife and sprawling shopping complexes are quite famous in Tokyo.

The small district is a very popular area for expats, and tends to be quite expensive. There is a choice between apartments and spacious family homes.

The area is densely populated, but there are some small pockets with trees and greeneries.


Before its gentrification took place, Roponggi was more famous for its nightlife targeted at foreigners. The district has many well-known restaurants, bars, and cafés, and is regularly visited by international celebrities. 

Now, it has come to be known for its housing options, following the development of Roponggi Hills, a massive commercial and residential centre.

A stone's throw away is the district of Akasaka, which is characterized by foreign companies, tall towers, and upscale and serviced apartments. Even old one-bedroom units can be quite expensive. Those who prefer to live here are single professionals.

Riponggi-Akasaka combined is comprised of one of Tokyo's most notable entertainment, shopping and dining centres. Urban residential and international business developments are also substantial in the area.  There are new residential high rises and apartment complexes.

Riponggi-Akasaka is very popular for foreigners, mostly singles and young couples, looking for upscale homes.


Aoyama is a famous fashion district where the Tokyo youth flock. It also has residential areas, Minami-Aoyama and Kita-Aoyama.

Overall, Aoyama provides a highly cosmopolitan lifestyle with world-class design and cuisine. It is close to other trendy districts in Tokyo such as the highly developed ward, Shibuya.

Azabu, Hiroo and Shirokane

The Azabu, Hiroo and Shirokane neighbourhoods are upper-class areas in the Minato ward. Their streets are smaller and pedestrian-friendly, and lined with specialized boutiques, restaurants, cafés and shops.

Many embassies can be found in these districts, particularly in Azabu. The lush area has many luxury homes and is preferred by foreign families. Its residents enjoy peace and quiet in the middle of the Tokyo bustle.

The districts’ upscale apartments cater to expats, embassy families, diplomats and senior executives.

In Hiroo, many outdoor cafés, boutiques and supermarkets cater to its residents.  Hiroo is known as the most upmarket residential and commercial neighbourhood in the Shibuya ward.  The prestigious University of the Sacred Heart can be found here.

Residents enjoy the basic perks and features they look for in any well-developed and Western-inspired residential area.  In addition to the mix-use development which includes schools and entertainment venues, this area has a plush green space, Arisugawa Memorial Park, ideal for an evening stroll is just nearby.

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