The Meguro ward is mainly a residential area in Tokyo. It has good access to the city centre, is close to many international schools, and is serviced by 12 embassies. Some urban pockets are trendy and upscale, making Meguro quite popular. Yet residents enjoy a slower pace of life as most suburbs are only slightly developed and quiet.

Meguro is preferred by many expats, especially families and singles. The “old rich” neighbourhood of Kamiosaki has semi-detached houses and large apartments. Many homes here cost millions of yen, and some large homes have courtyards or gardens, and even pools for some.

The area near the Meguro station has semi-detached homes, and old and new apartment blocks.

Key residential areas
Jiyugaoka, Kakinokizaka


Jiyugaoka is a popular residential district in Meguro.  It is preferred by many young couples, artists and young, single women. The district enjoys a significant amount of commercial development, with many chic boutiques, large international shops, and cafés.

Most properties are 1- to 2-bedroom apartments, and some high-end designer homes.

Jiyugaoka is easily accessible from a major city, Yokohama.


Kakinokizaka is among the most exclusive residential districts of Tokyo. But compared to other portions of Meguro and the upscale areas in Tokyo, it has fewer foreign residents.

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