Halfway between South Florida and Puerto Rico is the easternmost island of Mayaguana. It consists of the settlements of Abraham’s Bay, Pirate’s Well, and Betsy Bay. The lone airport in the district, Mayaguana Airport, was once part of a former U.S. missile tracking station.

Because of its relative isolation, few tourists visit the region, except for yachtsmen who are looking for that big catch. Mayaguana is also home to 118 bird species, including ducks, two large colonies of brown booby, nesting sea turtles, West Indian flamingoes, iguanas, plovers, terns, osprey, and the Bahamian hutia, a rodent believed to be extinct until it was re-discovered on the island in the 1960s.

Plans are underway to develop Mayaguana into a free trade zone. A sizeable portion of the island is allotted for this purpose.