Properties in  Maule  Chile

The Maule region takes its name from the historic Maule River, which formed the southern boundary of the ancient Inca Empire.

Maule is divided into four provinces, which are further subdivided into 30 communes. The region has the highest concentration of Chile's rural population, and a third of the region's population is rural. Its one large town is its capital, Talca, which is a bustling economic centre in the province of the same name.

Not far from Talca is the Villa Cultural Huilquilemu, a 150-year-old house that has been turned into a museum of religious art. Fine wines and handicrafts may also be purchased here, and the grounds have been converted into a park. It was declared a National Monument in 1986.

Maule's landscape is characterized by extensive vineyards, as Maule is known for its wines. It is Chile's foremost winemaking region. Half of Chile's world famous wines come from Maule.