Properties in Lorraine FranceLorraine is a strategically located region, as it shares a border with three other countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. For this it is known as Pays de Trois Frontières. Lorraine is also notable for being the region where Joan of Arc was born, at Domrémy-la-Pucelle in 1412.

Lorraine was once the site of many classic breweries, although many of them have closed down. The breweries of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port and Stenay have been turned into museums. Les Brasseurs de Lorraine in Pont-à-Mousson are a few of the remaining open breweries.

Lorraine also produces some wine, most notably the pinot noir of Toul.

Lorraine has a continental climate. Summers can be very hot, and winters harsh. But spring and autumn can be very attractive. The climate of Lorraine can actually be considered better than that of Alsace, which is similar.

The region's terrain is heavily forested and offers an excellent environment for hiking and outdoor activities.

The regional capital is Metz, a city marked by its distinctive "Pierre de Jaumont" (yellow limestone) architecture. It is known as The Green City.