The Hradec Králové Region has many natural attractions, foremost of which are the Orlické and Krkonoše Mountains. The highest of the peaks is 1,602-metre Sněžka.

Protected areas can be found in Broumov and Český ráj. Another popular site is the zoological garden of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, which has a safari section.

Sites of cultural importance include large, Baroque Castle Kuks with its nearby outdoor Nativity Scene sculpted in sandstone, and the Benedictine Monastery in Broumov, a protected national institution with an important monastic library.

Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové is on the concourse of the Elbe and Orlice Rivers, right in the centre of the fertile region known as “the Golden Road”.

The city’s economy is centred on food processing and the manufacturing of musical instruments—in particular, the world-renowned Petrof pianos. Other industries include the manufacturing of rubber, electronics and photochemicals, and medical and information technologies.

Hradec Králové has one of the best living conditions in the country because of its clean environment, low crime and unemployment rates, and higher than average life expectancy. Buildings of architectural and historical interest are mixed with modern houses, flats and villas. The greatest concentration of flats can be found in Nový Hradec Králové and Central Hradec Králové.