The town of Hatillo is the leading milk producer in Puerto Rico, contributing about one-third of the island nation's total consumption, and the largest milk producer per square mile in the world.

This quiet, idyllic town has a few beaches, such as Sardinera and Marina. To accommodate tourists, the municipality created the Luis Muñoz Marin Vacation Centre, which offers a boardwalk, cabanas, swimming pools with water slides, and camping sites, and operates its own hotel, Punta Maracayo.

Hatillo is part of the Camuy River cave network. Specific caverns found in the barrio of Bayaney are Cueva Clara, Cueva de Empalme, and a portion of the Tres Pueblos Sinkhole.

The town is especially famous for its Festival de las Mascaras, which is celebrated every December 28. Locals and visitors from all over the island and across the globe don colourful masks and costumes in vibrant colours that reflect the Christmas season.

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