Harbour Island—or “Briland”, as it is known among its residents—is a small island 2 miles east of Eleuthera. It is one of the earliest settlements of the Bahamas, reputedly inhabited by some of the famed Eleutheran Adventurers.

The island is most famous for its pale pink sand beaches. The calm and shallow waters along the outlying reefs make swimming, snorkeling and diving safe recreational pursuits on Harbour Island. Those looking for more adventurous dives, however, should try the Current Cut Dive, a fast drift dive that could carry a scuba diver along the 2/3 mile distance between Eleuthera and Current Island in 10 minutes.

Some of the historical sites on the island are the Hill Steps that were hewn from stone by early settlers, and Totus Hole, a cave that once served as a jail.

Other activities that visitors enjoy on Harbour Island are deep sea fishing, surf fishing and horseback riding. Dunmore Town has small shops that sell souvenirs.