Hai Ba Trung (a prime area) in the south of Hanoi is the most populated urban district in the city. It is named after the Trung Sisters, two village women who helped lead the country in repelling invasions from China, and remembered as Vietnamese national heroes.

Hai Ba Trung is a well-known residential district. The communities here enjoy the calmness and elegance of the area, most especially around Lenin Park.

Lenin Park and its surrounding grounds were once called Seven-Hectare Lake, and were of no special importance until Ho Chi Minh came to power. Ho Chi Minh breathed new life back into the area; the grounds around the large lake were paved and landscaped with paths, statues, and gardens. A portion was built and designated for theatre performances. The park, also known as Reunification Park, became one of the most beautiful green spaces in the city. It was named Lenin Park during the American War.

Lenin Park is one of the most serene spaces in the city. Joggers take to the paths early in the morning as exercisers do tai chi on the lawns. When dusk falls, it becomes a popular spot for young lovers.

A number of the country’s largest universities are located in Hai Ba Trung.

Van Ho

Van Ho is a residential zone in Hai Ba Trung, the most populated district in Hanoi City. Here, one will find the distinctive Vietnamese home—the tall, narrow tube house. Its design is meant to accommodate multiple generations of Vietnamese families while paying less tax, as imperial tradition would levy taxes according to the width of the house.

The typical tube house is 4 storeys high, with a foyer on the first floor and a balcony on each upper floor. The first floor contains the living room and the kitchen, and the area fronting the street is sometimes used for entrepreneurial purposes. The upper floors serve as the main residence, with bedrooms on each floor. A narrow staircase spirals at the centre of the house.

Lenin Park, one of the most beautiful and green spaces in Hanoi, is a mere 5-minute walk from Van Ho. It is close to the city centre, with restaurants, grocery stores, cafés, markets, shopping centres, language centre and gym. It has a young foreign community.