Properties in  Guizhou  ChinaGuizhou has a remarkable mix of natural scenery, national customs, long history, and colourful cultural heritage, topped off with year-round pleasant weather.

The province’s natural beauty is on show in Maolan Karst Forest Nature Conservation, with its mountains, dense forests and China’s biggest waterfall, Huangguoshu Waterfall.

Formed by water dripping through beds of carbonate bedrock, Guizhou’s karst terrain is marked by numerous caves and wonderful sites all over the province. Visitors often stop by the Zhijin cave, aptly called “the museum of karst formations”, which has over 40 kinds of massive karst formations, including enormous stone pillars and pagodas.

Hongfeng Lake near Guiyang city is also a key scenic spot, with over 100 islands scattered across a clear sparkling lake, offering different views of the karst formations.