Grand Cay  ( a prime area) is one of the smaller islands that are part of the Abaco island chain in Northern Bahamas.

The small town consists of picturesque Bahamian-style cottages, two restaurants, three bars, some shops and a church noted for its rousing gospel mass.

Grand Cay is particularly noted for its “diving with sharks” activities.

Great Guana Cay

Despite its imposing name, Great Guana Cay is actually one of the smallest cays in Central Abaco.

This claim to “greatness”, however, is justified by its 7-mile-long Atlantic beaches that provide excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving and beachcombing. Its offshore regions and reefs abound with big game fishes and have the healthiest colonies of elkhorn and staghorn corals in the West Indies. Colourful cottages, crafts and gifts shops, resorts and restaurants draw visitors to the community.

A popular site in Great Guana Cay is the palm-fringed Kidd’s Cove, named after the notorious pirate William Kidd.

Commercial and residential development includes the beachfront community and marina of Orchid Bay. While construction has yet to begin, the area has already been subdivided into hillside lots.