Key residential areas
Feldmoching, Hasenbergl


Properties in  Feldmoching Hasenbergl GermanyFeldmoching has a strongly rural character, having grown from a farmers village. Modern apartment buildings and terraced housing surround the old village centre and fields. There are some restaurants, bars, and shops. There are three lakes here, Feldmochinger, Fasanierie and Lerchenauer, where people can go for swimming. Public transport is not bad, with a number of metro and bus connections. Parking is not a problem.


Not a very high quality district, Hasenbergl was mostly built in the 1960s, and the area is quite densely inhabited. There are some shops, bars, and restaurants and there is a tennis centre, but few cultural facilities. Most housing consists of apartment buildings with a lot of small units. Some terraced houses can be found. Public transport is good, and parking very easy to find.