Properties in District VIII Budapest RegionJ�zsefv�ros (Joseph Town) is Budapest's largest district, the most populated, but also the poorest. The majority of the population are Gypsies who have settled in the city.

The atmosphere is very distinct, it feels very old compared to the rest of Budapest. While much of the area is underdeveloped, there have been plans to modernize this part of Budapest.

To get a good feel of the real J�zsfev�ros, walk along the streets beyond Grand Boulevard, near R�k�czy �t. You will find numerous crumbling courtyards, run down shabby homes with strange eclectic exteriors and old shops. There is also a small Chinese community living here, and you will notice a Chinese market in the area.�

Located in the district are numerous libraries, small hospitals and local universities.� Orczy kert, the largest garden in Budapest, as well as the National Museum, are in this area. Because of the universities, rentals here are lower than anywhere else in Budapest.

Unfortunately, many parts of District VIII are less than desirable, due to the prostitutes, and the associated criminality. Be sure not to walk along in areas near Rakoczi ter and Orczy in the evening. You might be attracting unnecessary and even dangerous attention to yourself.

Should you consider accommodations in the area, be sure to carefully pick your location. The best areas are near the National Museum (Nemzeti M�zeum), where renovation has recently given the neighborhood a much-needed face lift. Beautiful old buildings are found in the area, in spite of its poor �reputation.

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