Properties in District VII Budapest RegionDistrict VII is the Jewish Quarter, the home of 2 million Jews before the Holocaust. There still a faint Jewish presence, a haunting memory of the past. The Great Synagogue is located on Dohny street, the second largest synagogue in the world, and the largest in Europe. Aside from this grand synagogue there are smaller synagogues, and a gaggle of bakeries and restaurants selling Kosher goods.

District VII is a busy area, with numerous hotels. In the evening, it morphs into a happening place, drawing night owls and party goers. An architectural theme is long interconnected courtyards, that tie two parallel streets together.

District VII is also known as Elizabeth town (Erzs�betv�ros), It is a popular budget commercial area with numerous traders selling all sorts of clothes. Many streets are lined with colorful discount shops, like that of Kir�ly utca. It is a bargain hunter's paradise.

It is a popular choice for the young professionals. The vibe is young and multi-cultural. The Urania Film Theatre is popular with the young crowd, showing numerous performances of art Hungarian and foreign films.

There are student-friendly prices, because the Veterinary University and the Medical University are located here. The rental market is strong. The local government has shown interest in capitalizing on the area's rental attractions by encouraging development, while preserving the charm of the older buildings. The local government has also been investing to make the area even more attractive to tourists.

Developers have been constructing new apartment buildings, especially in Kir�ly Utca. So District VII offers a choice of investments both new and classic residential property.

The nearby neighborhoods of Bajza utca and V�rosligeti fasor are where many diplomats live, in their lavish mansions with well-manicured lawns.

Other attractions in the area are the Museum of Electrical Engineering at the Stamp Museum which is home to approximately 10 million stamp.

Be wary of the areas around the Keleti train station. The dark streets here are full of dodgy personalities.

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