Properties in District II Budapest RegionDistrict II (prime area) is an economic microcosm. Here you find the rich movers and shakers of Hungary, and young families, and (some) local riff-raff.

Northern V�ziv�ros, between Castle District (District I) and the Danube, is the oldest area of District II . In the distant past, artisans and fisherfolk lived here. As it sits on the slope of Castle Hill, stairs and narrow alley-ways take the place of roads. It is a popular residential area, albeit high-rent.

District II is very family friendly. Numerous homes in the area have gardens, or are near parks. There are numerous schools here, notable being the Greater Grace International School (GGIS), an English-speaking school popular with foreigners as it covers all grades, from preparatory to K12. At least 30 different nationalities are present here, as our 10 different religions.

District II is a relatively quiet district, and neighborhoods are usually known by the hill they are on. The different neighborhoods include: Adyliget, Budaliget, Erzs�betliget, Hov�sv�lgy, Kov�r, Kurucles, L�t� hegy, Felh�viz, Ferenchalom, Gercse, H�rsakalja, Sz�pjuh�szn�, Sz�pv�lgy, T�r�kv�sz, Szemlohegy, Sz�phalom, Sz�pilona, Lip�tmezo, M�riaremete, Ny�k, P�lv�lgy, Pasar�t, Pesthidegk�t, Petneh�zir�t, Remetekertv�ros, R�zm�l, R�zsadomb,V�rhalom and Z�ldm�l.

A major public transport hub called Moszkva t�r is found here. Unfortunately, Moszkva t�r is not very well kept.

Rozsadomb (Rose Hill)

Those wanting to see beautiful Hungarian architecture should stroll up and down R�zsadomb (Rose Hill).�� Legend has it that Rose Hill got its name during the Turkish occupation, where Turks planted roses all over the hills. Although overcrowded, this is where the affluent and influential live, in exclusive villas with spectacular views, filling their lungs with clean crisp air. This beautiful area is surrounded by parks, forests and grassy hills.

Rose Hill is a popular residential area for Budapest's rich. Unsurprisingly, homes here are about as you expensive as you can find in Hungary. While many home owners live in private villas with lavish gardens, many residents live in pre-war buildings.� Winding footpaths and avenues string the homes together, leading down to Cool Valley (Huv�sv�lgy).

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