Properties in Darien PanamaAttempts to colonize this hot and humid Panamanian province all ended in failure, mainly because of its heavily forested landscape. The Spanish tried to set up a colony in Santa Maria la Antigua del Dari�n, but it did not last. The Scots turn was in 1698, but that, too, did not bear fruit.

Populated by endangered species and the Embera and Wounaan tribes, a large part of Dari�n Province has remained unchanged. It is one of the few areas in the world that still possess a complete tropical ecosystem. It offers adventures for daring travellers, including exploring Dari�n National Park, where one can see jaguars, ocelots, caymans, howling monkeys, American crocodiles, and diverse bird species.

The Embera and Wounaan tribes support themselves through agriculture, fishing, raising fowls, and hunting. Tourists help support these tribes by purchasing their hand-made crafts: beautiful wood carvings and hand-woven baskets.

It's not uncommon to hear of locals and foreigners alike falling victim to petty crime and kidnapping. Caution must be exercised when visiting this part of Panama, and settling here is not recommended.