Key residential areas
Almagro, Boedo


Almagro is a mostly middle-class neighbourhood. A high percentage of the population live in the many high-rise residential buildings built along the railway line. It is adjacent to the Palermo district, and is abuzz with commercial activity. The National Technological University and the Humanities Department of the University of Buenos Aires are both situated in Almagro, as are the city’s Dentistry Hospital and the private Hospital Italiano.

The Casa del Tango is also located in this neighbourhood. It was created by the celebrated bandleader and composer, Osvaldo Pugliese, during his relocation to Almagro.


Boedo is a working-class residential district that retains the air of its bohemian past, with graceful old trees lining the streets and theatres and bars wedged between the small houses that are the norm in this area. Something of a cultural resurgence is even happening in Boedo, with more trendy and artist-friendly institutions popping up in the area. The large 25 de Mayo motorway runs through it.

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