Properties in Comino Malta Comino is the smallest of Malta’s three main islands. Noted for its solitude and natural beauty, Comino is a serene paradise unspoiled by cars, pollution, and soaring modern buildings—the only structures around are a quaint whitewashed church, the historic St. Mary’s Tower, and a few hotels. Its stretches of crisp, white sand and expanse of clear, aquamarine waters has gained international exposure as the location of recent big-budget films such as The Count of Monte Cristo and Troy.

The island has three small beaches. Caves and creeks nearby are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. A nature reserve and bird sanctuary has a rich collection of flora and fauna. In summer, Comino comes alive with the energy of the throngs of tourists who come to its beaches. The Blue Lagoon and its neighbour, the uninhabited islet of Cominotto, known for its photogenic white sands, are the main holiday destinations in the area.

Blue Lagoon

Comino’s most popular swimming area is the small and lovely inlet known as the Blue Lagoon. Its deep, cool waters and pure white sand at the bottom has made it a favourite of filmmakers and bathers alike. Boats visit the lagoon, but are only allowed to anchor in the quiter, clearer inner waters.