The Chuo (a prime area) ward lies east of Chiyoda and has been historically the centre of commercial activities in Tokyo City.  It has numerous retail stores, offices, banks and businesses; hence, the heavy footfall during week days. Its daytime population can reach up to 650,000.

Chuo’s main areas are Ginza, an upmarket neighbourhood, and Nihonbashi, where most banks and offices as well as modestly priced apartment developments can be found.

The world-famous Tsukiji market is a prime sushi destination and the largest fish market in the world.

Key residential areas
Ginza, Tsukishima


Ginza is the famous upmarket area of Tokyo, and an important business hub in the city. Numerous department stores, coffee shops and boutiques dominate the area. A number of flagship stores of international retailers have also landed here.

Ginza is Tokyo’s most expensive neighbourhood, and one of the most in-demand areas in the property market. There are mostly exclusive high-rise apartment buildings here.

The success of the residential projects in the area can be attributed to the strategic design of the entire district in which condominiums are conveniently built near shopping areas.

North of Ginza is the neighbourhood of Kyobashi, which is an old commercial area, and Yaesu, where the Tokyo Station and the highway bus platforms can be found.


Tsukishima is known as an island neighbourhood in Chuo.  A moon-shaped reclaimed district, it has one of the most impressive developments in the city, with residential high-rises and commercial development.

Despite being generally modern in style, Tsukishima has old Tokyo tucked at the back of its alleys and small streets. The old town atmosphere can also be felt in certain areas of the city which has maintained its rustic charm.

Tsukishima has a number of restaurants that serve the local specialty food known as monjayaki.

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