Chubu occupies the centre of the main island of Honshu. It is generally mountainous, with the Japanese Alps passing through the region.  Chubu faces both the Pacific and the Sea of Japan.  The region has Japan's most famous landmark known worldwide, Mt Fuji, and has one of the famous hot springs resorts in the country, Izu.

Chubu has a high quality of living without the same level of costs in Tokyo. Modern developments followed the strong industrial activities in the region. However, its distinctive culture remains preserved as seen in its temples and restored old towns and buildings.

Key residential areas
Nagoya, Karuizawa


The most important city in Chubu is Nagoya, Japan's third largest incorporated city with the fourth highest population in the country. Nagoya is highly developed and has been compared with Detroit in the United States as it is the automotives capital of Japan. 

Development in Nagoya can be compared with the major cities in Tokyo with its active commercial, business, industrial and entertainment centres, and its various residential choices.

Even though Nagoya is fuelled by industrial activities, the city has an impressive urban design with boulevards lined with trees and open park areas dotting the different neighbourhoods in the city.

The advantage in living in Nagoya is that the city has the conveniences of a major city while being easily accessible to beaches, mountains and forests.

Nagoya has one of Japan’s oldest and most important shrines, the Atsuta Jingsu, which is a fine example of traditional Japanese architecture.


The city of Karuizawa is in the Nagano Prefecture in Chubu. It is an upmarket, trendy mountain resort at the foot of Mt Asama, an active volcano.

Karuizawa is one of the most popular real estate options in Japan. Since the 1800s, wealthy Japanese citizens and Westerners have been attracted to its charm.

Karuizawa has a well-developed commercial area that caters to the shopping needs of its residents and guests. It has a number of outdoor activities for all seasons, from biking and hiking during the summer, to skiing during winter time.

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