Chiyoda (a prime area) lies at the heart of Tokyo City. It is one of the greener areas and the least dense among the special wards.

The Imperial Palace and the surrounding area of cultural and leisure opportunities is Chiyoda’s greatest attraction. Other government buildings here include the Diet or the Parliament, the Supreme Court and the residence of the Prime Minister.  A significant number of foreign embassies can also be found in this ward.

Chiyoda’s most popular residential areas can be found at its western side. Property choices are old mansions, houses with gardens, and apartment buildings.

Chiyoda has recently developed a modern feel, and there are now many high-end shops, restaurants, cafés, boutiques and shopping complexes.


Bancho is a dense, upper-class residential area in Chiyoda, west of the Imperial Palace.  Many embassies such as the British, Belgian, Israeli and UK embassies are found here.

Bancho is a preferred choice of local politicians and expats. The area near Chidorigafuchi Koen, which is popular for cherry blossom viewing, has some pricey properties such as luxury apartments and large homes with gardens.

The ward consists of six neighbourhoods including Ichibanchō, which has a well-known private secondary school.