Properties in Chiriqui PanamaChiriqu� Province has a turbulent past.� But it is the most developed province in Panama.

Chiriqu� has played a central role in Panamanian history, with a past marked by Manuel Noriega's attempt to bring back Omar Torrijos, and a pro-democracy guerrilla movement. Today, however, this province has a US-patterned local government, diverse natural features, strong livestock and agricultural industries, and a lively, friendly people that will make anyone feel right at home.

Chiriqu� has both highlands and lowlands. Its capital, David, has a hot and humid climate, while the high points of Cerro Puento are cooler and moist. Swiss-style chalets dot the countryside, built by Swiss farmers who made their way here when the roads were poor, and transportation hardly existed.� This varied landscape makes Chiriqu� ripe for livestock, as well as a steadily growing agricultural industry.

Residents can enjoy a wealth of activities such as trout fishing, hunting, bird watching, and white water rafting. There are medicinal springs and alpine farms. The rich soil is perfect for growing coffee, flowers, oranges, and other flora.


Diversity, fertile lands, and a myriad of outdoor pursuits make Boquete stand out from the rest of Panama.� It is high and cool - key attractions. A great number of retirees settle in Boquete, attracted by its low cost of living, and the beautiful surroundings and tranquil atmosphere. There are Swiss, Yugoslavians, Germans, Swedish, and North Americans.

Boquete's famous Flower and Coffee Fair, held every January, is testament to the quality� crops produced due to its volcanic, fertile soil, which is perfect for agriculture. Boquete coffee is in demand all over the world, while a wealth of flowers grow easily in the area, among them roses, carnations, sunflowers, lilies, anthuriums, hortenses, and orchids.

Vegetables and citrus fruits, among them strawberries, also grow abundantly, making Boquete one of the richest landscapes in Panama.

Panama's highest point, Volc�n Bar�, is here and offers good hiking. Another attraction is the Caldera Hot Springs, perfect for relaxing amidst Boquete's cool climate. And Rio Chiriqui Viejo offers great white water rafting.